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The Entrepreneurial Institute of Washington  and our partners have focused efforts on assisting small businesses one at a time.  These efforts have resulted in millions  of dollars in contracts, 1,000+ minutes of  FREE professional education, business partnerships, formalized mentorship-protege agreements, dozens of job placements…. Yet, over the years, we realized in order to assist more entrepreneurs we needed more dependable and successful business partners to expand our reach.  

We are blessed to have the most active and fastest growing entrepreneur base in the nation, many have found value participating in our events  that have resulted in life long partnerships that will aid businesses for years.

Daniel J. Seydel, II  – Founder & CEO

“Helping entrepreneurs exceed their performance objectives.”

Being in the industry for decades, I've never seen a more dedicated team of professionals and business advocates that genuinely care about my business priorities and challenges. Whether it is connecting you with a key client, a strategic partner or even assisting with bonding, EIW is actively helping entrepreneurs exceed their performance objectives.
Pat Frambach | general contractor


nadeem ismail

As President of the Entrepreneurial Institute of Washington, Mr. Ismail is responsible for leading the organizations vision and mission.  As a business owner of a highly successful coatings firm (NI Painting), Nadeem is commited to helping contractors learn best practices to help increase sales.


As Vice President of the Entrepreneurial Institute of Washington, Mr. Tewelde is responsible for implementing organizational objectives and leading staff.  As a scientist and business owner of a civil engineering and geotech firm (Hydro2GeoTech), Mussie is committed to helping professional services firms learn to partner with firms nationally.

keith williams

As Secretary of the Entrepreneurial Institute of Washington, Mr. Williams is responsible for reporting on activities and events in the community.  As a business owner for over 30 years, Keith media company (Flyright Productions), captures individuals, groups, events and images of property and projects for businesses and families.

mary wenner, MBA

As Treasurer of the Entrepreneurial Institute of Washington, Ms. Wenner is responsible for reporting on all financial activities of the organization.  As a retail executive for over 20 years, Mary leverages her education from Carnegie Melon complemented with her years serving one of the World’s most recognized high end stores (Neimen Marcus), she’s able to assist businesses make strategic decisions while minimizing risk as well as help recognize potential in real estate.

daniel seydel, ceo

As Founder and CEO of the Entrepreneurial Institute of Washington, Mr. Seydel is responsible for facilitating meetings and events, designing organizational objectives and growth strategies.  As a serial entrepreneur for over 20 years, Dan is an expert problem solver that has assisted business owners run and manage firms in construction, design, technology, distribution and healthcare.


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